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‘Anand Academy’ is a public, non-profitable, English Medium Co-educational Institution established on 18th February 1974 under the nomenclature of ‘Anand Kinder Garten and Junior School’. At its inception, after the shifting of the Capital from Shillong to Dispur, the primary motivation and urgency was the need to impart general education to the wards of the transferred officials and the general public. With due approval from the Govt. of Assam, the School came into existence at first at Beltola and within a short span inside the premises of Govt. Capital Complex on the rental basis under private management in 1974 led by Mrs. Madhuri Das, W/o. Late Dharmananda Das, IAS, the then Chief Secretary of Assam, with Nancy Roy, Ex-Principal, Pine Mount, Shillong, as the premier Principal. 

In 1988, due to the physical constraint of the Authority, and the increasing number of student enrollment, the responsibilities and functions of the School was handed over to the Governing Body comprising of the selected/ elected representatives of the parents of the students of the School. In 2008 a significant milestone was achieved in the annals of ‘Anand Academy' as an outcome of the philanthropic mission and relentless efforts and sacrifices of some benefactors, ‘Anand Academy’ acquired its physical entity whence it affirmed its permanent identity under the same managing committee renamed School Authority & a Zip Code, Super Market, Dispur, Guwahati-781006.


The School is Affiliated to the Board of Secondary Education/ Secondary Education Board of Assam (SEBA) vide Memo No. SEBA/RECOG/I/2009/610/740, dated 10/12/2010.


Strive Towards Excellence with zeal, commitment, and confidence to beget a responsible citizen and adapt to face all challenges of life.


Apart from the fundamental vision to impart general education to the wards of transferred officials and the general public, ‘Anand Academy’ envisages :

  • To achieve holistic development of the Teachers and the Taught through academic pursuits and co-curricular activities.

  • To create a liberal, rational, and enjoyable environment to instill the principles of hard work and honesty. 

  • To encourage curiosity in learners to discover their passions and areas of interest.

  • To enhance the knowledge and awareness of the world around to realize one's strengths and weaknesses and teach one to bow down to any eventuality in respect, not in fear.

  • To prepare the learners to face successive phases of life challenges independently and with confidence.

  • To cultivate the virtues of love, compassion, and tolerance.